Lytescapes Imagery and Design by Jon Lybrook
“Personally, I like my photography straight, unmanipulated, devoid of all tricks; a print not looking like anything but a photograph, living through it's own inherent qualities and revealing its own spirit.” - Alfred Stieglitz

Welcome to Lytescapes Imagery and Design by Jon Lybrook. Here you will find digital representations of a unique style of artwork: Hand-crafted cameraless photography. You may be asking, what is cameraless photography? The one-of-a-kind pieces you are about to see were created without a camera or enlarger by manipulating light sensitive, black and white negative film directly with photographic chemicals. Also known as luminograms, they are the result of 25 years of study and experimentation in the craft of photography, painting, and abstract expressionism. The end results are Lytescapes. Lytescapes are non-objective in content, but are created from principles rooted in pure photographic processes, and traditional, film archiving techniques.

Available work includes:

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